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Questions & Answers about QuickView electronic medical records:

Q: Is your system easy to use?
A: QuickView uses a single screen application that mimics a paper chart. Therefore it is very easy to use.

Q: Some of my staff members including myself are computer shy?
A: If you can turn on the computer and move a mouse we can train you in a matter of a few hours. In case you are not comfortable with a mouse we can use a state-of-the-art voice recognition system.

Q: How much training is necessary?
A: One half day with all doctors and staff is sufficient. Larger practices might require one full day.

Q: Will I encounter practice downtime?
A: You will not have to close down your practice. Training can be scheduled on an off-day or on the weekend.

Q: Will I have a slow in patient flow?
A: No, to the contrary. With the use of our system you will be able to see more patients (up to 85 within 8 hours as single practitioner) or the same amount of patients in less time.

Q: How much does your system cost?
A: The cost of our system is determined by the amount of workstations in your practice. At the time being the expense is covered entirely by the government incentives that you will receive between 2011 and 2015 for showing a meaningful use of electronic medical records.

Q: Are computers included in the price?
A: Computers are not included in our offer. Basic computers, that are available at Best Buy, Costco or similar outlets are sufficient. Please contact us for minimum requirements.

Q: Can I try the system before I decide to buy it?
A: Yes, very uniquely we allow you to use our software for 30 days without any risk or obligation.

Q: Do I have a money-back guarantee if the system does not work for me?
A: During your 30-day trial period you will easily be able to determine whether the system will work for you or not.

Q: Who designed the system?
A: James E. Croley, III., M.D., practicing ophthalmologist in Southwest Florida, designed the system about 10 years ago and has been using it very successfully ever since. Last year he decided to make it available to his peers.

Q: Can I visit with practices that have implemented your system?
A: We encourage you to visit one of Dr. Croley’s practices in Southwest Florida to see how the system works with live patients. Other referrals are available upon request.

Q: What happens if QuickView goes out of business?
A: We provide the source code to our software. Therefore your IT-professional will be able to maintain and service our application.